Help for Your Practice


How DRC Can Help

Doctor’s Resource Collaborative (DRC) is here to help the medical community in New Mexico thrive.  If you’re looking for help for your practice or your medical clients, we have the resources and professionals to help you.

Membership in DRC opens your network up to vetted professionals who specialize in working with doctors and medical practices.  Contact us if you are looking for help in any way for your practice.  Our email is:

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Continuous Learning

DRC members get results through continuous learning and practical application of proven networking strategies and techniques

  • Interactive lessons and open discussions
  • Workshops and online resources
  • Special interest groups
  • Coaching and mentoring

Personal Relationships

Trust begins when high-level members know one another on a deeper level. DRC facilitates productive personal relationships through:

  • Open networking
  • Social events
  • Methods and strategies
  • Structured connecting

Professional Reciprocation

“Give-to-get” is not a faddish concept to DRC members – giving is a mindset that builds trust and reciprocation.

  • Members give highly qualified referrals
  • Members counsel and advise one another
  • Testimonials recognize members’ assistance
  • Collaborations expand opportunities

Practice Development

DRC is a community of professional members who are dedicated to building their practices by becoming better networkers through:

  • Engaging and productive meetings
  • Education and training
  • Practical application and assistance
  • A credible association of trusted members

An Inclusive Community

  • Non-exclusivity generates more opportunities
  • Members can refer trusted resources to clients
  • Multi-state business connections
  • Shared values, methods and goals

Take The DRC Test Drive

The best way to see if DRC will work for you is to attend regular monthly meetings.

  • Request an invite
  • Attend up to 3 meetings
  • Meet with a DRC leader
  • Apply online (after 2 meetings)

Online Application

DRC is a collaborative network of  professionals with unparalleled experience.  Members of DRC can leverage each other to understand the current pressing needs of doctors and provide vetted solutions.